omg this is amazing. crying because so accurate.

omg this is amazing. crying because so accurate.

update: i woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and i was still not scott stevens. ahhh… the disappointment.

will keep you posted.

Anyone who is a Jeremy Jones fan needs to watch this parody trailer. I have already watched it like ten times, and it gets better every time. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

"Shorter": Rated G for Gnar.

if you’re ever sad about something, please just go and watch the video i just posted. works for me every time :P impossible not to laugh.

never forget

"I don’t want to be some hero or something ha ha. I just want to be that kid who doesn’t clean his room."
Sage Kotsenburg’s text to his brother Blaze after the contest in response to how people were saying he’s a hero for snowboarding  (via snowed-out)

guys i can’t handle sage’s badassery

I am so obsessed with I Ride Park City. Those guys have steez fo’ dayzzz.

Love my new setup :) <3 So excited to ride tomorrow!!